Blowes Storefront

What's Next for the Blowes Businesses?

Revisting History?

It has been almost 80 years since the apartments located above the Blowes businesses were occupied by tenants, and an opportunity has presented itself to refurbish the building and allow it to be lived in again. After opening up the front door and stairwell, that has been boarded up since the 1950's, Brian Blowes has gained access to the upper apartments of his current Wellington Street buildings. When exploring the upper portion of these buildings the first time, Brian found a lot of its original features still intact, some of them potentially usable for his future apartments. Items included in these findings were original ice boxes, fridges, toilets and claw-foot tubs. Since the apartments have not been occupied in so long, some of them still display their original 1950's wallpapers and gorgeous high ceilings with rounded door and entry ways. When looking out the window of these apartments, the viewer overlooks Stratford's beautiful City Hall and their outstanding Market Square which hosts events for the community all throughout the year. Brian has the potential to create something wonderful and revisit history, check back in to Stratford in 5 years to see what has become of the upper levels of the Blowes buildings!

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