Blowes Storefront

32 & 34 Wellington Street, Stratford: A Heritage Buildings Origin Story

The Brandenberger Block: 1873

In 1873, the Brandenberger Block was built for William Brandenberger as seen in the image below which highlights the original building on Wellington Street Stratford. It began as simply a grocery store and a hotel, located where Blowes Travel currently resides. This first section of the block consisted of a three storey building, which still stands tall today with a lot of its original features, like the store front windows, still intact. Throughout the years this section of the block housed a variety of tenants (1876-1891), ranging from stove dealers, to ladies clothing stores to shoe stores and more! Next, the Brandenberger Block added their second and third bays, which is now where Blowes Stationery & Office Supply resides. William Brandenberger's wife Caroline added these blocks, turning them into a hotel named the German House upstairs and a grocery store at the base level of the building. Caroline continued the successful business of hotel-keeper, grocer and landlord all throughout the 1870's, while her husband and his brother Albert were horse-traders (there was even a stable behind the hotel!). Throughout the years there were many new tenants within the store front, ranging from a pork dealer, to multiple different grocery stores, to a CNR city ticket office, until it eventually was taken over by the first generation of Blowes owners and became Stan Blowes Travel. Currently, this is where Blowes Stationery & Office Supplies is located. Finally, the final bay of the Brandenberger Block was added in the mid 1880's with a produce dealer opening up in the retail portion, and Caroline Brandenberger and her family continuing to reside upstairs. Throughout the years, the retail portion of this bay has ranged from a tin shop, to a shoe shop, to a grocery store, to a book shop, and then eventually the first Blowes store opened in 1949 called Stan Blowes Gift Shop. Currently, this is where Blowes Cards & Gifts is located.

Early streetscape of Wellington Street, featuring the Brandenberger Block (future home of Blowes Stationery & Office Supplies).

Stan Blowes Book & Gift Shop: March 31st, 1949

On March 31st, 1949 Stan Blowes opened his shop doors for the very first time, beginning the long line of Blowes family businesses with both a gift and office supply shop, along with a travel service. It was first a business called Kenner's Book Store, that opened in 1890, which sold all different types of books, including the textbooks needed by students for each school year. Many Stratford residents remember standing in long lines out front of this book store waiting to collect their books for the upcoming academic year. In 1949, Kenner sold his book store to Stan Blowes where he continued the book store tradition, while adding office furniture and equipment, as well as giftware throughout the upcoming years. All the while, the apartments seen above continued to stay occupied by different tenants throughout the years, and housed a few notable people. A neat fact about this building is that it was the first business in Stratford to use electricity to put up an electric sign!

Stan Blowes Book and Gift Shop
Stan Blowes Book & Gift Shop and Stan Blowes Travel Service opened its doors for the first time on March 31st, 1949.

Blowes Stationery & Office Supplies: March 31st, 2019

On March 31st, 2019 the Blowes businesses (Cards & Gifts, Stationery & Office Supplies and Travel Agency) celebrated their 70th anniversary of business in Stratford. Since opening their doors in 1949, all three businesses have stayed within the Blowes family name, with hopes to stay within further generations to come. Aside from a few coats of green, yellow and red paint, the building stays almost identical to its roots that date all the way back to 1873 when it was first built and named the Brandenberger Block. Inside the store itself, many original aspects of the business throughout the years are featured within displays and signage throughout the store. In visiting owner Brian Blowes's office, you can see an assortment of office supplies throughout the years, including one of the biggest typewriter collections you have ever seen! The Blowes family prides itself on maintaining the history and integrity of this building, as it is deemed a heritage building by the city of Stratford. In comparing all three photos seen on this webpage, it is evident that this building has stood tall and proud over the years, with no intentions of going anywhere any time soon!

Two generations of Blowes business owners celebrate their 70th anniversary of business in Stratford, ON.